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Keto Power Cookies

Keto Power Cookies

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The ultimate sustaining snack and afternoon pick-me-up  Packed with nuts, coconut, seeds & drizzled with choclate-sugar free, of course!

Only 1.6g net carbs per cookie!  

*No Gluten containing ingredients  *Can be made Dairy Free on request 

10 x 30g cookies in a pack...perfect for the week or store in the freezer for breakfast on the run.

1 cookie for a light breakfast or sustaining snack or 2 cookies for a substantial breakfast.


Homemade Goodness:

Everything Butter (chia, hemp, sesame, sunflower, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, peanuts, almonds| Egg Butter | Sunflower Seeds | Pumpkin Seeds | Sesame Seeds Linseeds | Coconut | Allulose Monkfruit blend | Cinnamon Vanilla | Baking Powder |

Contains: sesame,peanuts,almonds,egg

Nutritional Information per Cookie                     1.6g net carbs per cookie

Energy 632kJ | Protein 5g | Fat, total 13.4g, saturated 4.9g Carbohydrate 4.1g, Sugar .06g | Fibre 2.6 | Sodium 69mg |


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