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Good morning,

I have used Sue’s Good Batch Cookie Boxes as a welcome gift when new clients come on board.

These clients have given me excellent feedback and have appreciated the gesture very much.

The reason I like to the Cookie Boxes is that they are very well presented and look like nothing you could buy from a shop.
The cookies are fresh and delicious, again better that anything you could buy from a shop.

What I also like is that it’s very little hassle for me.
I just send the new client address and a cover letter to Sue and she does all the rest.
Her service is outstanding.

After my clients get their box, a number of them have now also started using the same strategy with their clients.

I highly recommend these Cookie Boxes as a tool to create an Outstanding Client Experience.

Kind Regards,

Andreas Becker
The Builders Coach

Testimonial from Graham McGregor

 I’ve been actively involved in sales and marketing for over 46 years. And one of the key things I’ve learned in this time is the importance of repeat and referral business.

I read some figures a while ago that said…

 "A whopping 50 per cent of your business success comes from getting existing customers to recommend and promote your business to their friends, associates
and colleagues."

 (In other words, half of your success comes from getting your customers to tell other people about how good your business is.)

So how do you get people talking positively about your business to other people they know?

 One simple solution is to use ‘Surprise and Delight’.

This just means you do things for your customers and key contacts that surprise and delight them. This makes it very easy for them to tell a lot of people they know how good your business is.

 A wonderful way to use surprise and delight is to send people a delicious box of cookies and slices.

 These are baked fresh by Sue Foster at The Good Batch.

They are then packaged beautifully so they look amazing. And are sent by courier anywhere in the country. Along with a personal note from you.

 I’ve had Sue send out dozens of boxes of cookies and slices to my own clients all around the country.

Every single client has loved them and many of them are now sending cookies to their own customers as well.

 I’ve also enjoyed some nice repeat and referral sales as a direct results of sending out these boxes of delicious cookies and slices.

 I highly recommend the services of The Good Batch.

 It’s a terrific way to get people remembering and then actively talking about your business to lots of their friends and colleagues.

 Best of all it’s super simple to do.

 A simple email to Sue and she’ll take care of sending out delicious boxes of cookies and
slices to anyone you want.

 If you want to make your business unforgettable, I highly recommend using the services of Sue Foster at The Good Batch.


She is a delight to do business with.And her services will delight your customers as well.

Graham McGregor

Feel Good Marketing Expert


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